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Clauneck - Demon of Creative Cashflow

Need a fast financial breakthrough? That would be Clauneck. For as long as money has existed, people have turned to Demons to acquire more of it. There is no shortage of powerful Demons within Lucifer's legion to choose from that can help you acquire massive wealth. But recently, there has been one Demon in particular who has risen in popularity amongst the most inner circles of Demonic Magick. 

Clauneck is the 44th Demon of Lucifer's Royal Legion and a descendant from the Demon Prince Mammon's bloodline. 

Perhaps one of the reasons Clauneck has become more widely used now more than ever has to do with how well his special abilities match up with modern society. He is most certainly a well-rounded wealth Demon, and can help manifest money in an innumerable amount of ways. However, while some Demons specialize in attracting money through luck or random events, where Clauneck truly shines brightest is his ability to help create sustainable income streams. 

That is not to say Clauneck isn't a good option if you're in a pinch and need a specific sum of money to pay bills or some other need. But you will get the most benefit from working with this Demon to increase your cash flow for the long-term. 

For this reason, he is highly favored amongst entrepreneurs, salesmen, investors, and consultants. 

Now if you don't happen to fall into any of the above categories, don't make the mistake of assuming Clauneck can't help your situation. He's incredibly crafty and perhaps the best at identifying all potential financial opportunities within your reach. Whether you are currently struggling to make ends meet, living paycheck to paycheck, or happen to be doing well financially, but would like to reach a new level of wealth, Clauneck is a master at making you succeed in our capitalistic society. 

How to work with Clauneck

Demonic Evocation as taught in Introduction to Demonic Magick is the most traditional method to petition Clauneck. For best results, you will want to acquire Clauneck's pendant for use in the ritual. This is also required if you are attempting to achieve a full evocation where Clauenck appears physically in person. Clauneck typically appears as a man approximately 6 ft in height with black hair and black eyes. He has a light complexion and is commonly seen wearing a red suit. 

It is customary to provide an offering when petitioning a Demon. Recommended offerings for Clauneck in particular include: Blood offerings, his pendant, public proclamation, money, and top-shelf whiskey. 

For those interested in more beginner-friendly alternatives, you can also easily invoke Clauneck using the Invocation of Fortune necklace


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