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Nitika - Demon of Luck and Wealth

Nitika - Demon of Luck and Wealth

There are plenty of Wealth Demons in Lucifer's Royal Legion. Nitika is not one of them. This Demon actually belongs to the Intermediary Legion. With that said, it would be a huge mistake to overlook him. In fact, The Order has many rituals with Nitika, along with Royal Demons such as Mammon and Clauneck, simply because he is a fantastic edition to any Wealth Magick. For example, the Alchemist Wealth Pendant

While Mammon and Clauneck are masters at building empires and income streams, Nitika is King when it comes to acquiring fortune through luck. So if you enjoy hitting the casino or even the occasional scratch-off ticket, this is definitely a Demon you'll want to become familiar with. However, this doesn't mean Nitika is limited to quick cash grabs. There are far more ways to achieve wealth when luck is on your side.

In most cases, even just a little luck can have massive impacts on the trajectory of someone's life. 

For the employee, Nitika can give you the luck you need to land that promotion at work. Or perhaps cause the boss to randomly give you a generous performance bonus.

Nitika might even help land that lucrative position for the job seeker even if one looks rather under-qualified on paper. 

If you're a model or actor, he can even help land that high-paying gig that ends up leading to a successful career.  

Whether it's a very generous tip for the waitress or a massive sale for the Realtor, Nitika has no shortage of ways to drop fortunes into the laps of those who seek him. 

The best part is, like the majority of Intermediary Demons, he works extremely quick. 

If you choose to perform a full evocation, how Nitika chooses to appear may vary. He is known to be gender-fluid, so there is no telling whether he will come as a man or woman. 

Like most Demons, he enjoys offerings of alcohol, sex, and blood. If choosing to offer alcohol, it is suggested to stick with clear liquors such as Vodka, Silver Tequila, or Gin. 

Nitika is also fond of 'treasure.' Selenite, Bismuth, and Gold are among his favorites. 

Some of the more peculiar offerings Nitika is known to enjoy are holographic stickers, metallic paper, lollipops, and stuffed animals. 

Suppose you choose to offer physical items such as these. In that case, it is essential to remember never to take the offerings back or regift them elsewhere. You may leave the offerings on an altar for Nitika for 24 hours or so and then bury the item when you are ready to dispose of it. 

Wearing his pendant is also a great way to establish a strong connection with Nitika. Many of our students who do so have reported experiencing an incredible increase in luck and generosity from others. 



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Annette Ayres - June 24, 2021

How much is your medallions,$ let me know thank you 😊

Rin Otori - May 31, 2021

Hello Derrick, yes Nitika is currently featured in two books available here on our site. Wealth Magick Mastery and Demonic Alchemy. In regards to other items for practitioners, we actually have a plethora of Nitika related products, including potions, pendants, and jewelry. To find them, simply type in “Nitika” in the search bar at the top of the site, or copy and paste this URL below:*

Derrick Ingram - May 31, 2021

Are books and other items available to practitioners?

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