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Valac - Demon of Destruction and Wealth

Valac (Valak) is the 14th Demon of Lucifer’s Royal Legion.

There has been an increase in public interest in Valac, largely due to him being featured in a number of recently popular horror films, including “The Nun”. With that said, it should be noted that Valac is a male Demon and does not manifest in the form of a Nun or any female form. In full evocation, he will typically appear as a very pale man with black hair and dark eyes. Like most Demons, Valac has a number of different specialities which has made him a very heavily petitioned Demon. He is an extremely popular choice when it comes to curse work. Whether you have a need to get revenge on someone who has harmed you, or knock off some competition, Valac is typically more than happy to help if called upon.

With that said, Valac’s expertise go far beyond merely dolling out hexes or curses. One of his lesser known specialities is in the wealth arena. This Demon is particularly skillful in helping with obtaining money or monetary gifts through random events and opportunities. He also makes an incredible ally or mentor if you need help building your career.

Petition Valac if you are seeking new employment or are looking to rise up in your current workplace.

Being a master in the art of deception also makes him an ideal choice for situations where you are attempting to obtain large amounts of money through inheritance or negotiations.

In Demonic Magick, it is considered proper and typically expected for the petitioner to provide an offering. One thing in particular that is very important to note is that this Demon does not like sexual offerings or blood. Suggested alternative offerings Valac has been known to respond well to are coins, licorice, gin, knives, public proclamation, and the wearing of Valac's pendant.
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