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demonic magick

Why Demonic Magick Works

Luciferians follow what we know as the left-hand path. Right-hand path followers renounce all things tied to the ego—eliminating attachment to the bondage of form. The idea being if they kill off the lower form, the higher form is set free to unite with deity. Once free from all physical limitations, "freedom" is achieved, and the individual basically flys off into the light to never return. Essentially, ceasing to exist as an individual conscious co-operator of creation. 


Think of this as a drop of rain reuniting with the ocean. It is still water, but no longer separate from its originating source. It has fully merged back into one body of water. If this sounds horrific to you, it's because you're a true Luciferian. Naturally, you recognize attempting to dissolve your individual existence is not truly in your best interests. 


As a Luciferian, we do not renounce our individuality or try to break free from the path of human destiny. The Luciferian seizes every aspect of existence and transmutes it all into building blocks for growth.

We accomplish this through the use of rituals. 


First, it's important to understand  all form is a channel for force. In ritual, we use all three major planes of existence (spiritual, mental, and physical) to channel force and direct it towards an established intent. To use an analogy, let's correlate a magical ritual to the process of starting a fire. In Demonic Magick, we always have at least one sacred Demonic sigil in every ritual. 


It is the power behind the sigil, which allows us to make a psychic connection to the spiritual force of the Demon. This is the animating life of the sigil's unique symbol. Once this connection is made, it is essentially a spark but not necessarily a fire. For a fire to burn, it needs air and fuel to burn. The mental focus and emotion we generate through creating vivid pictorial images mentally and visualizing our desire is the oxygen this spark needs to turn into fire But fire needs something physical to burn. Magickal herbs, potions, and tools are incredibly powerful in anchoring our magick down to the physical realm and providing fuel for these flames to burn. 


This is an alchemical fire set to burn down current reality so that it can be transmuted into our desired outcome. 


Essentially, ritual allows the abstract nature of the forces of Demonic Magick into a concrete idea that the human mind can recognize and grasp. Once linked in thought, Demonic power is injected into the human soul, allowing it to accomplish the ritualist's intent. 


To everything up, there are three aspects to every Demonic ritual.


1. The formless Demonic power translated from the realm of the abstract into a concrete symbolic form we can recognize. (Demonic Sigil)


2. The ritual process which identifies the particular function of the Demonic force we are attempting to channel. 


3. The image formed in the mind of our intent. Once this reaches our consciousness, the circuit is complete, and we have made the successful Demonic connection required for magical success. 


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- Rin Otori

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